Wrap it up!

Ever heard of the folk wisdom that says that when you give more to yourself, you will have more to offer to others? We couldn’t agree more. And so, until the first of January 2017, your order will be delivered to you in a beautifully designed gift box: treat yourself! We collaborated with the Ghent-based creative agency Supermachine for the design, which, we dare to say, oozes a discrete, understated type of festivity.

And well, okay, since the Holiday-spirit doesn’t go too well with selfishness: it’s perfectly fine to surprise your boyfriend/ father/ brother/ spouse/ friend with a Six Edges-item. The gift box has the whole celebratory shabang going on, including crackling wrapping paper and a gift card. We just wanted the exterior of your purchase to match the casual luxurious vibe of its content. And we’ll top that off with free shipping in Belgium. Happy Holidays!