There is nothing like a basic knitted sweater to carry you through the colder months and into Spring, and eventually to pop up at those chilly evenings during the Summer season. A sweater is a piece of clothing that can be worn all year long - a true multifunctional item. The Six Edges sweater is made from high-quality Italian threads and Virgin Merino Wool at a small family knitting factory in Belgium. We have experimented with different knitting techniques for the fun of it. The upper part of the sweater is created by means of the tent stitch, whereas the lower part shows signs of the jersey stitching technique.

Besides this play on textures, our sweater stands out from the crowd due to its inside-out shoulder and arm seam. We opted for the same three grey tones for our entire knitwear range. This means that you can combine our cardigans and sweaters with a scarf or a hat in the same colour and rock that minimalistic mono-look, or get crazy mixing items up (don’t worry: we made sure that the tones correspond well, so you won’t look that crazy). Thanks to the breathable properties of Merino-wool you can combine and layer all knitwear items as you like, without the fear of overheating.