Hangover remedy 101: The Sweatshirt

Presents, alcohol, food: let’s face it, the December-month is one filled with greediness and abundance. And yes, punishment for these sins shall inevitably fall upon us, most commonly in the shape of glamorous hangovers and uncomfortably stuffed stomachs. Whilst we cannot cure the consequences of you being a gluttonous human being, we sure can ease them a bit and make you carry them in style. May we introduce to you our sweatshirt- a dear textile friend that fits the holy trinity of couch slouching, endless Netflixing and tea drinking rather well.

As it doesn’t have a shoulder seam but a back seam, our sweatshirt comes in a slightly oversized fit. It’s made from a cotton and polyester blend, which translates into a supple and flexible wearing experience. You can opt for the VI.E Sweatshirt that has a centrally placed Six Edges-logo on the front or the Panama Sweatshirt, if you feel like rocking a geometric ribbon stitched on the shoulders, sleeves and sides more. It’s up to you. Happy slouching in style!