Friends of Six Edges I Episode 5


Six Edges gets by with a little help from its friends. In this journal series, we talk to people who have influenced or contributed to Six Edges in their own creative way. Today, we chat with Brecht Kerckhof, Mathieu Daems and Maxime Rubbens, the owners of the coolest salad bar in Belgium: Romain Roquette.

A salad bar and a fashion brand: the connection isn’t very obvious to us just yet… Please explain!

“First and foremost: we’re all friends. We met Ulrike when we were teenagers and bonded over wild summers spent at the beach in Oostende. When the tree of us set up Romain Roquette, our salad bar in Ghent, two years ago, Ulrike helped us out with social media and marketing. And when Ulrike started Six Edges, we, on our turn, were there to back her up, whether with strategic advice or salad catering for lunch meetings. This series is called ‘Friends of Six Edges’, right? Well, we are exactly that! (laugh) Also, Brecht is Ulrike’s boyfriend.”

So food and fashion are two different things. But are there any similar values that you think Romain Roquette shares with Six Edges?

“Both companies focus, in their own way, on sustainability, service and quality. At Romain Roquette, we work with the freshest of ingredients. Unlike other lunch spots or supermarkets, our salads are never pre-packed but are freshly mixed in a bowl after the order is placed. This care for the final product and the way that it comes together, is something we definitely have in common with Six Edges. Moreover, both companies seem to appeal to urban professionals a lot.”

Probably you all have different tastes in fashion. How do you guys feel about the aesthetic of Six Edges?

“Whilst Brecht is the most hip and contemporary of us, we can all relate to Six Edges quite well. We really love the sweaters! They’re comfortable, and just fit really well in any context: whether you wear them on a business meeting, at the gym or simply at home… Mathieu is the more classic, conservative of the three, and noticed that his Six Edges items gave his closet a more edgy feel. We should add that since Ulrike started Six Edges, shopping for us is a much nicer experience: we just trust her with our closet and don’t have to think about fashion so much anymore – a big relief.” (laugh)

What is so great about salads, actually?

“There are so many possibilities when it comes to salads, that’s what’s so great about it! When we started our salad bar in Ghent, this concept was yet hardly known in this part of the world, unlike in for example the States. We noticed that here in Belgium people were getting fed up with always eating baguettes and sandwiches for lunch and were looking for tasty alternatives. And that’s where Romain Roquette comes in. At our salad bar you won’t find the umpteenth Caesar salad, as we really want to surprise our customers with innovative combinations and not-so-obvious ingredients. We guess you could say that we like to inspire people to experiment with what they have for lunch and not to go for that typical bread dish they’re so used to.”

Lastly, if Six Edges would be a salad, what kind of salad would it be?

“Definitely nothing too classic and a bit more daring. Six Edges is a refined brand. The salad that comes to mind is our ‘Läcker’, which consists out of young spinach leaves, cabbage, smoked salmon and cucumber. It’s rather light and sophisticated. Quite coincidentally, it’s also one of Ulrike’s favorites.” (laugh)