Friends of Six Edges I Episode 4



Six Edges gets by with a little help from its friends. In this journal series, we talk to people who have influenced or contributed to Six Edges in their own creative way. Today, we chat with Steven Barbé, Cedric Engels & Mounir Hathout, Sound Guys at  Roundhouse - Sound Agency. 


Roundhouse comprises of the three of you: Mounir, Steven and yourself. It makes sense that musically, you guys connect, but is the same true when it comes to clothing?

We’re definitely similar in that respect, at least enough so that for client meetings we sometimes need to come to an agreement of who wears what. (laughs) Yes, we have a preference in common for sneakers, vintage jackets and well-made shirts. And then there’s our much-loved colleague Sara as well; but Six Edges doesn’t (yet) offer womenswear, I think.

For Roundhouse, the sensory aspect is of great importance, and the way we experience clothing is no different. What are the characteristics you gravitate towards when shopping for new clothes?

Mounir: I always look for a specific colour first, starting with black.

Cedric: Me too, but my starting point isn’t black. The material has to have a nice feel, a response to the Primarks of this world. Quality is becoming more important.

Steven: Colour and material get all the attention, but fit is really the defining feature.

What is it about Six Edges’ aesthetic that speaks to you?

The high quality of production and the timeless designs. The pieces look like modern classics that breathe an equal amount of passion and expertise. A breath of fresh air in today’s throwaway retail culture.

How did you first meet Ulrike?

Ulrike saw Roundhouse Deejays playing at a party in Bloody Louis, and came to visit our studios in Ghent afterwards.

What recently completed project are you enthusiastic about?

Our Beatles-cover of ‘All Youd Need Is Love’ for Caviar/Orange just hit the airwaves and we continue to be the go-to sound agency for Coolblue.

What can we expect from Roundhouse in the future?

Our soundtrack for ‘It’s Showtime’, a fictional series for Bart De Pauw that’s planned for June this year.