Friends of Six Edges I Episode 2



Six Edges gets by with a little help from its friends. In this journal series, we talk to people who have influenced or contributed to Six Edges in their own creative way. Today, we chat with Adrien Gras, Fashion Editor at Vogue Belgium, Le Vif Weekend and Knack Weekend, but also the stylist behind Six Edges’ campaign and lookbook shoots.  

What’s your connection with Six Edges?

Last year, Six Edges founder Ulrike De Maeseneire was looking for a stylist to assist her with the first Six Edges shoot. Antwerp based concept agency Nightingale was in charge of the pr and communication and they thought of me. During the shoot, Ulrike and I immediately got an amazing connection and our friendship started from there. I'm very grateful I met such a fun and kind spirit!

What is it in the clothes of Six Edges that triggers you?

I really like the sophistication and the subtleness of the designs... When you look at the knitwear for example, the closer you get to the piece and the more details you discover. Those details make every item really special.

Last week, I visited the exposition of Martin Margiela and Hermès in the Antwerp MoMu. His designs for the house were very simple and classic, but so well thought that the moment you look closer, you end up thinking: ‘It’s not just any shirt, It's actually the one I’ve been wanting forever.’

I often get the same feeling with Six Edges.

As a stylist, you encounter a lot of new trends and styles on a daily basis. But Six Edges is actually focusing on long lasting pieces, right?

Six Edges is indeed not a brand I would associate with trends. I see its DNA more as a high quality classic with a twist. It stands above trends. These are pieces you want to keep for a few seasons. You don’t wear them for just a week or two.

The designs are clever and also very easy to match with different styles. I have some cardigans by Six Edges and I wear them often mixed with both designer or casual pieces. 

I believe you are not a big fan of fast fashion then?

I'm not. I work with designers, and would rather spend my money on their creativity instead of financing a system I don't believe in.

You’re now working for Vogue Belgium. How is that going?

Great, I’m really blessed to be working for such a big international title. It’s still the start but it’s definitely promising!

And because you mention it... Our latest issue is just out and I had the pleasure to work on the cover with Belgian supermodel Rose Van Bosstraeten. Come check it out on my social media!!

I also want to mention that I work for Le Vif and Knack Weekend as well, who supported me from the beginning. 

Yes, I saw the remarkable Valentine’s Day shoot you did for Knack Weekend. The selection of alternative models was pretty impressive.

Thanks a lot!

It's crucial for me to be as inclusive as possible. That’s part of my personal brand and I want to be known for this. I like different people and people who embrace their differences.

In my opinion, showing people of different backgrounds, ethnicities and sizes is very important these days. And that's actually one of the reasons I fell in love with Six Edges ;)