Beat the chills with our knitted accessories

Your winter wardrobe should definitely include a nice pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf. These items are not only functional, but will add a final, subtle touch (be it colour or texture-wise) to your outside look. In our FW16-collection, you’ll find three types of scarfs and hats. They were all created with a bi-colour yarn with tweed effect to create a subtle mélange, using two different knitting techniques to create a playful dialogue between textures.

Just as all of our knitted items, the hats and scarfs are made from 100% Virgin Merino Wool. Merino’s softness is unrivalled thanks to its extremely fine fibres. Moreover, it is an incredibly breathable wool-type, whilst at the same time helping you stay warm. Our scarfs are 2 meters in length, so you can loop and twirl it around your neck as you wish. The palette of greys we chose ensures a cool and sophisticated detail to your look- just as we like it.