Balance formality and comfort during the Holidays

Dressing up for Holiday occasions generally is understood to be either synonymous to
getting all buttoned up in a formal suit or bringing ugly back in the shape of a reindeer-sweater. Aristotle didn’t thought of his golden mean for nothing, though- and we gladly applied his philosophy to our designs, which combine sharp aesthetics with a comfortable feel. We sometimes like to call this ‘re-inventing the classics’- we assure you: it not only sounds goods, but looks its part too.

And so you find our cardigan, a traditional piece of clothing, to be slightly oversized as it has a lower dropped sleeve. The same goes for the tuxedo pants: they’re made from a cotton blend that carries a tweed-effect, adding a casual twist to a classy pair of trousers. Add to this our logo T-shirt in effortless black, and there you have it: a three-piece outfit that makes sense at the Christmas dinner with your parents, as well as the festive drink you’ll have with your friends afterwards.